SY66 is an advanced Phase or Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesizer for Native Instruments Reaktor.  It can be played with a midi controller, or your own voice and comes with a wide assortment of sounds designed to take advantage of a standard 8 knob hardware format.  These macro knobs control different aspects of the synthesizer and give the artist and performer a chance to be creative without being mired in details and parameters.  Just load, play and twist for fun!

Instrument designed, built and documented by Jonathan Adams Leonard and including work by Martijn Zwartjes, Stephan Schmitt, Max Zagler, and Eric Wiegand.

You can hear demo tracks of SY66 on Soundcloud

SY66 v1.1 may be downloaded here.  (requires Reaktor v5.7) Fixes: ADSR settings recall

SY66 V1 may be downloaded here.

Online Manual

If you find SY66 useful in your music productions or sound design work, please make the recommended donation of $25 to support updates and future capabilities.

Donate via Dwolla

Or via paypal to

6 thoughts on “SY66

  1. Nice work! I’ve only played with a couple of presets and made slight changes, but it can certainly come up the (sonic) goods. I look forward to spending more time with it.

  2. Truly a work of beauty. I feel so inspired every time I work with this synth and the sounds it produces are beyond comprehension.

    Cant thank you enough!

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for the kind words! I am still working on the fix that you mentioned. The issue is entered with NI.

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