mt68Casio MT-68 Sample Library
Recorded, edited and programmed by Jonathan Adams Leonard

License: These samples and instrument definitions are provided for personal and professional use in music production. Any use of these samples in a recording or production must include attribution. These samples and definitions may not be repackaged or included in any other form without permission. By unzipping this library, you agree to these terms.


  • Native Instruments Kontakt 5 and SFZ 2.0 instrument formats
  • All 20 preset instruments
  • 4 Bass instruments
  • 7 Drum samples
  • 12 Drum Beats and Fills looped and sliced in beatmachine(Kontakt)
  • Every note in each preset is sampled
  • Samples are monophonic, 44.1kHz / 24-bit .ncw(Kontakt) and wav(sfz) files
  • Every sustained sample is hand looped for infinite sustain (17×49=833)
  • Relative volume levels of each note are preserved
  • Additional envelope variations are provided as instruments
  • Velocity Sensitivity, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release and Vibrato controls(sfz)


The Casio MT-68 was a very affordable analog synthesizer sold in the 80’s that had minature keys, 20 preset sounds and a rhythm section with auto accompaniment. It can be heard on various recordings and has an interesting 80’s or ‘retro’ sound. If you grew up with this synthesizer and wished you could hear it again, here is a chance to play it once more in Kontakt 5 and SFZ format.

SFZ is an open format and sfz sample players that fully support this library are available for current computer platforms.  See the link below to install a free sfz player.

Great care was taken to record the MT68 with the best equipment and minimal processing so the original sound and character is preserved. All notes and beats were sampled and looped to offer the most complete virtual version of this classic synth for years to come. This was my first synthesizer, and I offer it’s sounds to my friends and fellow musicians who might be as fond of it as I am.


  • This library requires Kontakt 5 or a software sampler that can import sfz 2.0 instruments, or an sfz 2.0 player
  • Tested in ARIA Player, Plogue Sforzando and Kontakt 5
  • Full MT68 Beats and Fills provided at slowest tempo in the Loops folder(sfz)


Download: Version 1.0  Kontakt 5 format
Download: Version 1.0  SFZ 2.0 format

Date: 130805

5 thoughts on “MT68

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  2. M. says:

    This was also my first keyboard, way back in 1984! Aside from no auto-accompaniment, which I imagine would have been a scripting nightmare, this library is a dead-on sounding representation of the original instrument I used to record demos with on my Yorx boombox back in the day! Having it in Kontakt 5 format alongside my $1,200 orchestral libraries is both extremely wrong and somehow perfect! Thanks for this amazing gift!

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